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TidWiT has been providing Microsoft Corporation with marketing, content, and readiness solutions for more than 10 years. The work we have been tasked with has spanned several areas including Strategy, Partner Marketing Campaigns and launches, Readiness Content Development, Localization, Assessments, and Delivery (online, webcast, and instructor-led). We value and appreciate all the work we have been entrusted and continue to work with several Business Groups and teams at Microsoft, a sampling of which you can find below.

Microsoft IW

  • Office 2010 Disti Activate Tour Readiness Material
  • End-to End Blended learning Strategy
  • Instructor-Led Training (4 resources)
  • Online Tutorials including (6 resources)
    • Office 2010 Overview
    • Selling Office 2010
    • Selling Office with New PCs
    • Winning Against the Competition with Office 2010
  • Online Assessments for VARs and OEMs (3 resources)
  • Localization into German, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian, and Chinese

" I just wanted to give you some unsolicited feedback on Disti Tour and all your efforts on this to support the field. From a usually rather pessimistic BG, I had them tell me yesterday that this is singularly the best delivered piece of work stream content in terms of the timing (early enough to build into plans and execute) quality of content, the way you have worked with them to bring the tour to completion. "

Sue Hogg - Director of marketing, Office BG

Worldwide Partner Group

  • OEM Project 10X (3 resources)
  • Mid-Market BPIO Search (2 resources)
  • Enterprise Search (2 resources)
  • Small Business Assessment (1 resource)
  • Google Compete Partnerizing (2 resources)
  • APO (4 Courses) ( 3 resources)
  • Developer Assessments (2 resources)
  • Assessments ( Expression, Silverlight, .Net)
  • Search Online Courses
  • Windows Vista Launch (editing and storyboard)

Business Groups

  • IW: BPIO Deliveries 2007 -2008- 2009
  • Applat: Content (ILT's and Online) and deilveries 2008- 2009)
  • Core IO: Content, Deliveries, & Localization 2008- 2009

US & Canada

  • Selling IO Delivery in 6 cities
  • Customized IO courses for US consumption including Selling IO, BPIO, and APO
  • Launched BPOS Canada
  • Launched PRB in Canada
  • Developed BPIO Webcast content (Delivery in March)
  • Developed & Recorded iPod Casts
  • Currently Developing BPIO Online course to replace some scheduled ILT's


  • Office 12 Launch: Customized and developed 9 online courses and then localized them in to 10 languages (19 resources). Project delivered on-time
  • Localized BPIO
  • Localized APO
  • Launched BPIO 2007 and 2008 in UK, CEE, & Russia
  • Deployed Launching APO in Italy, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Norway, Ireland, Switzerland, and 4 MEA countries


Through Partner Marketing (3 resources)
  • ILT and OT delivered
  • Localized APO

Customer Campaign (3 resources)
  • Customer Connection (OT & ILT), FUSI (OT & ILT) , Small Business (OT & ILT) , IO (OT & ILT) , DRBV (delivered)

IO Deliveries (2 resources)
  • ILTs delivered in CCCA, South Cone, Andean, and Brazil Internal Partner IO Readiness Portal

Microsoft Ofice BG

The Microsoft Office Business Group (BG) is the division withinthe Microsoft organization responsible for developing andmarketing the Microsoft Office suite of products and services.

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