TidWiT Exterprise™ for Telco Organizations

Driving Adoption and Customer Retention through Syndicated Rich Content Libraries.


Your Telco Challenge:

Telco’s worldwide are in the midst of transforming their businesses to take full advantage of the cloud by offering syndicated apps such as Office 365. However, as many Telco’s are quickly discovering, syndicated apps are not enough to drive adoption or customer retention. A key missing ingredient has been the provisioning of rich content libraries that can be syndicated from publishers to complement and increase app usage.

Please contact one of our sales associates at 703.761.7600 or via e-mail telco@tidwit.com to find out how TidWiT can help your organization in its e-learning, digital content, syndication, and delivery needs.


TidWiT’s Exterprise® Solutions for Telcos


Easily Pull Rich Content and Push it Downstream to Your Customers:

TidWiT offers a Telco-specific content syndication solution, allowing Telco partners to easily pull rich content from multiple publishers and push it downstream to customers. Deploying a TidWiT Exterprise® instance literally takes minutes and immediately provides your Telco with its very own branded environment hosting thousands of pieces of rich content and learning. Additionally, it gives the Telco the option of uploading and pushing its own content libraries seamlessly.

Create New Usage Scenarios for Your Customers:

TidWiT can help Telcos create new data usage scenarios, by easily syndicating and launching business apps and learning that would have been difficult to launch otherwise. The more your users find reason to use and integrate into your services, the more customer loyalty and revenue stickiness.


Break New Grounds and Generate New Revenue Streams for your Telco:

Whether the Telco wishes to provide this wealth of content for free as a value add, or whether it wishes to launch new revenue streams by packaging libraries for subscription or Pay-per-view, the TidWiT Exterprise® syndication platform makes it easy and affordable. The platform requires little administration and yet provides powerful features, end-to-end visibility, and multi-tier metrics to Telco’s. TidWiT’s Exterprise® currently serves hundreds of organizations in 60+ countries.


TidWiT’s Exterprise® Benefits for Telcos

  • Quick deployment
  • Customization of look and feel
  • Monetization Potential
  • End-to-End Metrics
  • Downstream Syndication

How It Works:



Please contact one of our sales associates today at 703.761.7600 or via e-mail telco@tidwit.com to find out how TidWiT can help your Telco organization in its content syndication and customer enablement needs.