Social Learning LMS Payment Gateway


TidWiT's Social Learning Platform is a web service that we offer to our clients allowing them to post any type of content on the Internet for selling, sharing or syndication. TidWiT's Social Learning Platform brings together Content, Communities, and Commerce. Please Click on any one of these tabs to get a better idea of how it works.


TidWiT PayGate™

TidWiT PayGate

Organizations looking to fundraise or monetize their digital content assets grapple with the complexity of setting up payment systems because of the plethora of moving parts, all of which need integration expertise. TidWiT PayGate™ was designed to simplify this process and give organizations end-to-end functionality out-of-the-box , seamlessly integrating e-cart functionality, secure payment processing for a multitude of payment types, merchant services, direct deposits, as well as real time reporting. With customized API Integration, TidWiT PayGate™ can also integrate directly into an organization's ERP and accounting systems. In less than the time it would take for a credit card transaction to clear*, we can have your organization up and running selling digital content and receiving royalties. It's simple, secure, and scalable. Contact us today at for more information.