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img, a digital content marketplace where individuals can buy and sell their own content to anyone else.


TidWiT Marketplace -

TidWiT Marketplace

TidWiT is a global venue which helps digital content creators (bloggers, authors, photographers, musicians, graphics designers, movie directors, software developers ...) market and sell their intellectual property to anyone else in the world. TidWiT is all about giving anyone in the world with intellectual creativity a place where they can post this content, market it, get paid royalties for it, and even enjoy community feedback and ratings. It is currently being used by bloggers to monetize some of their writings, by teachers to sell some e-books and classroom presentations, by musicians, as well as software developers and graphic designers... In short, TidWiT is an open venue allowing people such as yourself to earn royalties for tidbits of their wit. Try it today and see for yourself how easy it is for you to post digital content for sale, create a content storefront, and seamlessly link it all from your or your community's blog or website.