Social Learning Solutions for Healthcare

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Your Challenge:

Improving patient care and satisfaction is top of mind for most health care providers. Core to achieving this is optimizing information and knowledge workflows, staff communications and reducing the time staff spends on non-patient care activities. You need solutions that drive faster and more productive knowledge sharing and collaboration. Sharing e-learning content digitally—such as online tutorials, videos, presentations, and whitepapers—is an efficient and cost-effective way of transferring your knowhow among your staff and affiliated organizations.

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TidWiT's Social Learning solutions for Healthcare- Engage with Your Staff, Patients and Community!

TidWiT's Social Learning platform solution provides a fully hosted, customized, and secure cloud service, which allows your healthcare organization to securely post and host your e-learning and digital content and share with your community. Whether it is complex SCORM online tutorials, assessments, pdf papers, medical images, online procedural videos, or audio files, staff and patients can download, view, share, and hyperlink this content within your organization's extranet or intranet...

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E-Learning Platform for Healthcare Providers to Train Staff and Educate the Community

TidWiT's Social Learning platform provides healthcare providers social learning solutions that are secure, easy to deploy, customizable, and cost-effective, offering the following benefits:

  • HIPPAA compliant when it comes to information sharing
  • 100% cloud based: No hardware or software purchase necessary
  • Site secure behind firewalls, SSL, and content access codes
  • Full customizability and seamless integration of look and feel with healthcare provider website
  • Unlimited scalability in community usage (in number of users)
  • Allows for social media interaction (feedback, ratings, Facebook link sharing…) with proper oversight

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Success Story

Pet Partners

Pet Partners is a non-profit organization with 11,000+ volunteers that brings people and pets together, improving their health and enriching their lives.

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" I was impressed with TidWiT's ability to quickly understand our needs of transforming three interrelated courses online, and within a tight timeline. With their creative approach and technical savvy, TidWiT delivered "state of the art" online courses with room to build on for the future – a very cost-effective solution for our program. "

Bill Kueser - Marketing Director, Pet Partners


Please contact one of our sales associates today at 703.761.7600 or via e-mail to find out how TidWiT can help your organization in its e-learning and digital content needs.



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