Social Learning Solutions for Government

Providing solutions that educate and engage your community of staff and constituents While adhering to your agency's security, transparency, and compliance standards.



Your Challenge:

Government agencies at the federal, state and local levels face challenges when it comes to disseminating information, readiness, and training—especially when legally mandated. Given the objective of reaching more people on tighter budgets, both content and e-learning are increasingly taking center stage for government organizations. Socializing e-learning content digitally—such as online tutorials, videos, presentations, and whitepapers—is now not only an imperative, of government agencies, but an efficient and cost-effective way of transferring your knowhow among your community's staff and affiliated public entities. As you strive to maintain a productive workforce and an informed public, TidWiT can help your governmental agency create, socialize, syndicate, and monetize all this knowledge and learning content.

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Our Solution:

TidWiT's Social Learning Helps Educate and Engage Your Community and Increase Productivity

TidWiT can help your federal, state, and local government organization transform dated content into state-of-the art interactive learning experiences that can reach a constituency more effectively. TidWiT can help government agencies create, publish, market, and measure the effectiveness of your content and e-learning material online without the need (or cost) of deploying any on-premise solutions. TidWiT provides the service end-to-end, interfacing it seamlessly with your website while providing all the functionality, security, and scale needed. It's all done extending your current Learning Management System (LMS) without the costs and headaches typically associated with on-premise solutions.

Our Benefits:

TidWiT's Social Learning Platform for Government Agencies

Through its state-of-the-art Social Learning platform, TidWiT provides the following key benefits to your agency:

  • A 100% cloud-based (no need for hardware or software), customized, and secure service, which allows your government agency to post and host your digital content online and socialize it all with your agency's community.
  • Compatibility with industry-leading Learning Management Systems and digital content formats
  • Whether it is complex SCORM tutorials, assessments, pdf papers, images, videos, or audio files, authorized users can download, view, share, and hyperlink this content within your organization's extranet or intranet.

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Success Story

International Youth Foundation

Headquartered in Baltimore,Maryland, the International YouthFoundation (IYF) was born with amission to prepare the world's youngpeople to be healthy, productive...

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" TidWiT did an excellent job translating our vision and content into a quality e-learning curriculum for youth.Throughout the collaboration, TidWiT demonstrated a high level of expertise in creating effective e-learningmaterial, showed a real willingness to work with us as a thought partner, and delivered on time. We recommendTidWiT to companies and nonprofits who are looking for a partner with a creative vision, excellent technical capacity, and the ability to work together as a team. "

Lindsay Vignoles, Program Director, IYF


Please contact one of our sales associates today at 703.761.7600 or via e-mail to find out how TidWiT can help your organization in its e-learning and digital content needs.



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