Pricing & Billing FAQ


Pricing Plan FAQ

  • What are the editions that TidWiT offers?
  • TidWiT offers four editions: TidWiT Connect™, TidWiT Connect Plus™, TidWiT Publisher™,
    and TidWiT Exterprise™.

  • When is it sufficient for my organization to subscribe to TidWiT Connect?
  • If your organization is simply connecting to one provider and does not need much customization in terms of a vanity URL or look and feel, TidWiT Connect should be sufficient.

  • Why would my company consider TidWiT Connect Plus?
  • If your organization needs to connect to multiple providers, upload some of its own content, as well as have a vanity URL, TidWiT Connect Plus would be the best way to do.

  • Why should my organization consider TidWiT Publisher?
  • If your organization wishes to publish content to multiple partners, the optimal license edition would be TidWiT Publisher, which also increases the amount of storage allowed for content.

  • What does the TidWiT Exterprise edition do that the other editions can’t?
  • If an organization wishes to connect to multiple publishers and simultaneously syndicate this content out to connect to multiple partners, it will need to deploy the TidWiT Exterprise edition. Multiple instances, multi-tier syndication, as well as multi-tier transactions and reporting are all unique features of TidWiT Exterprise. Exterprise comes in 3 flavors, BG (Business Group), Corp, and Global Network.

  • Can my organization upgrade from one edition to another?
  • Yes, your organization can easily upgrade from one TidWiT edition to another. Once upgraded, any accrued prepayments on a previous plan will be applied to the new plan on the effective date.