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Your Educational Challenges:

Educational organizations face major steep competition for resources, content, and support in a time of disruptive educational changes and economic difficulty. You need to train staff, empower teachers, serve students, create and maintain content and engage the community around your issues of importance and curriculum while facing budget cuts and an ever-growing technology curve. How can you best engage your audience, whether for educational purposes, the dissemination of knowledge, certification, engaging alumni, or fundraising? The TidWiT Social Learning platform, offered fully as a cloud based SaaS, provides the educational sector—schools, colleges, and universities—with customized and effective content and social learning solutions. Our experience extends to providing valued solutions in response to your challenges, including: launching online classrooms and libraries, content syndication from publishers, blended learning, and online certification through assessments—all done within an engaging community setting and end-to-end visibility of metrics. With TidWiT's Social Learning Platform, you can now empower and optimize your learning community's experience.

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TidWiT's Social Learning Solutions for Your Educational Institution


Enriching Your Learning Content by Launching Online Libraries and Content:

Educational providers all over the world and of all sizes grapple everyday with the issue of enriching the experience of their learners and providing up-to-date content, while maintaining their standardized curriculum. You need to embrace the latest technology in order to meet the quality requirements of teachers and the growing learning needs of your students. In addition to providing online libraries of learning to your community, why not think outside of the box, allowing your teachers to aggregate content from different sources into an environment, which is safe for the learners and allows a complementary online approach to traditional in-classroom activities?

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Engage Your Teachers and Learning Community:

TidWiT can provide your learning organization with an award winning social learning platform than can either extend your current LMS or introduce new e-learning functionality to your community of educators and learners. TidWiT's Social Learning platform allows you to post and market your learning content online to a much larger and disparate community

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Success Story

The Lebanese Ministry of Education and Higher Education (MEHE)

The Lebanese public school system supports up to 300,000 school-age children distributed all over the nation. With the influx of Syrian refugee students the Ministry of Education and Higher Education (MEHE) expects this number to potentially double, which is placing a heavy burden on the Lebanese public school system resources. A solution was needed that provides both, teachers and students, with online community learning tools to help them with their learning, with content to make their educational experience more effective and engaging, and with metrics to measure the results. As part of the commitment to the Lebanese Ministry of Education and to improving education in Lebanon, Virginia based TidWiT Inc. launched an Online-Learning Pilot for all Lebanese students as well as Syrian refugee students. The pilot was developed in record-setting 60 days only, comprising almost 400 classes for Preschool, Elementary School, Middle School, and High School.

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" The tragic eruption of the Syrian civil war in 2011 has seen a massive influx of Syrian refugees to neighboring countries. International NGOs estimate that Lebanon is now hosting more than 700,000 Syrian refugees- half of which have been found to be of school age. This means that the number of Syrian refugee students needing to be schooled almost equates the total amount of enrolled Lebanese public school students. This is placing an immense burden on the Lebanese public school system, due to limited physical space and scarcity of resources—both human and financial. An urgent emergency education response is required—one which allows Lebanon to immediately build a capacity to support this massive influx of students and to standardize the level of education due to structurally different pedagogical backgrounds. Lebanon's Ministry of Education and Higher Education has identified that an online teaching and learning initiative has become an imperative that Lebanon needs to be able to quickly, effectively, and affordably reach the masses of students. Having digitized the Syrian curriculum and made it available online, a consortium led by TidWiT was requested by Lebanon's Ministry of Education and Higher Education to expand the project scope to include a digitized version of the Lebanese curriculum, offering it to both Syrian refugees in Lebanon as well as Lebanese public school students. This online solution will complement in-school efforts, reaching both students as well as teachers, and providing them with 24/7 access to supporting material as well as online communities of learning. "

MEHE-TidWiT Memorandum of Understanding


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