Content Syndication for Distributors

Empower Your Distributor to easily manage and syndicate content to engage your partners



Your Challenge:

As a distributor, you know the challenges of maintaining and growing your channel community. How do you help them increase the number and size of their transactions? How do you keep them up-to-date, active, and selling? Can they easily share the marketing, learning, and other relevant content that is critical for their customers? Is one of your biggest obstacles managing and constantly updating the thousands of vendor programs that are scattered in various folders? How would it affect your channel communities’ mindshare and your bottom line if the content they need to help them sell is available all in one place, easy to find, and dynamic?

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TidWiT’s Exterprise® Solution for Distributors

The traditional way using basic portals no longer provides the needed efficiency or dynamism that distributors are looking for to grow their business. Channel partner content syndication (i.e. simultaneous publication) can do the trick – and save distributors both time and costs, while boosting revenue and getting results by enabling their solution provider customers.

TidWiT's state of the art Exterprise® Solution allows your organization to syndicate content – sales, marketing, and learning - and to publish it to your solution provider customers utilizing pro bono, monetized, or advertising business models. Through TidWiT's Exterprise® Solution, you not only have the ability to publish content on your own instance, but replicate it to a vast number of approved syndicated solution provider sites, creating a business model that immensely increases your reach and influence. More importantly, you will be able to trace end-to-end metrics, enabling you to understand exactly what is happening to your content, who is pushing it, if it has generated revenue and produced an ROI. TidWiT provides Exterprise as a Software as a Service, with a customized interface into your existing systems. Furthermore, TidWiT provides this functionality and scale at a fraction of what traditional portals might cost (not to mention the support headaches typically associated with on-premise solutions).



Easily Push Rich Content Downstream to Your Channel Community

TidWiT offers a distributor-specific content syndication solution, allowing you to easily compile rich content from multiple vendors and push it downstream to your solution providers who can then push it downstream to their customers. Deploying a TidWiT Exterprise® instance literally takes minutes and immediately provides your organization with its very own branded environment hosting thousands of pieces of rich content and learning.

New Revenue Streams

Whether you wish to provide this wealth of content for free as a value add and benefit to your solution providers, or as an opportunity to launch new revenue streams by packaging libraries for subscription or Pay-per-view, the TidWiT Exterprise® syndication platform makes it easy and affordable. The platform requires little administration and yet provides powerful features, end-to-end visibility, and multi-tier metrics. TidWiT’s Exterprise® currently serves hundreds of organizations in 60+ countries.


How It Works:

Deploying TidWiT Exterprise is quick and easy. In a matter of minutes you can create a primary instance and begin uploading content or syndicate content from existing providers on the TidWiT Exterprise global network (Such as Microsoft). From that point on, you can launch your network to your solution provider customers. TidWiT customer networks have launched and gone global in a matter of days.

TidWiT’s Exterprise® Solution helps you grow your business through:

  • Enhanced value of your solution providers to their customers, increasing sales.
  • Monetized and realized revenue for you through downstream syndication.
  • End-to-end metrics that immediately determine how your content and programs are performing.
  • Expanded stickiness of your business model leading to stronger channel community engagements and relationships.
  • Quicker time to market, shorter sales cycle, lower costs of pre-sales and post-sales costs. Because of the libraries, solution providers do not have to call to get the content they need. Turn your cost center into a revenue center.


Success Story


Canvas is a global SaaS company that transforms the way businesses of every size and industry sector collect data, share it across the organization and learn from everyday operations.

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" Empowering our partners worldwide with rich Content and Learning has proven to be a positive differentiator in a crowded marketplace. We are delighted to have partnered with TidWiT and look forward to extending the relationship to our ever expanding network."

James Quigley, Chief Executive Officer at Canvas


Please contact one of our sales associates today at 703.761.7600 or via e-mail to find out how TidWiT can help your organization in its e-learning and digital content needs.



A sampling of some of the distributors whom we have served include: