Advanced Content Localization


We have advanced content localization capabilities in more than 15 languages including: Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Russian, Italian, Dutch, Czech, Romanian, Hungarian, Arabic, Indian (Urdu), Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Japanese, and Korean. All TidWiT localizations are done internally and by a network of certified localizers in each respective country, making them accurate and in line with accepted modern language norms.

For this service, our engineering team also gets involved in the dis- assembly and re-assembly of the content being localized. This applies to content such as Online courses, Online Assessments, Web pages with HTML or XML code, Flash files, .wmv, Online demo's, Webcast recordings, and other specialized publishing documents … Our Advanced Content Localization service therefore covers advanced and functional formats such as HTML, Flash, Silverlight, and SCORM (For basic formats, such as Raw ASCII and Word, please see our Basic Content Localizationservice).


The Advanced Localization effort typically goes through the below process seamlessly to the client; and the process includes: Source document disassembly, translation, localization, DTP (Desktop Publishing or graphics editing), re-assembly and quality assurance. In certain cases, our service may also extend into content management and web publishing to maintain updates and the control of the localized versions.